Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Technology!

The faculty of Science and Technology, University of Battambang (UBB) was established in 2007 with three departments of information technology, nuclear science and engineering.

We have put into place the process that support students in their persistence towards graduation. It is important that we support our students as they learn to navigate the system. Our goal is to prepare future “Technology Leader” that will do great things in the global society. We invite you to come and experience the excitement of being a part of the faculty of Science and Technology.

We offer undergraduate degrees. Our undergraduate majors are in Applied Engineering Technology, Geometrics, Graphics Communication Systems, Environmental Health and Safety, and motor sports Technology.

The Faculty of science and Technology has collaborated with our corporate partners in introducing our students to real world solution that give them a competitive advantages as they enter the job market. We prepare students for STEM related careers that will continue to be in demand well into the future. We pride ourselves in having expert research faculty, multiple corporate partners, and market driven majors.

I encourage you to visit and join us as we shape the future with technology!